Sunday, February 3, 2008
Tied and true
Today was a fantastic day. Once my boi arrived, I proceeded to tie him to my bed. I was dressed for business. After some choice words and torturous moves I mounted his rock hard shaft. Moving up and down on it at the pace I desired. It felt so exquisite! I wanted to stop before making him cum. I had some shopping to do, so left him lying there to think about what just happened. It was wonderful to be out, dressed up, and with the lingering feel between my legs of how great he felt. When I came back home I couldn't wait to pick up where I left off. Straddling him again, I worked myself up and down on him and brought him to release. I only wish we lived together so I could take the time to torture him all day and into the night. Still have plenty of ideas to try out- and "so little time". I could get used to this. Oh yea...had to use my cane on his behind to take out my frustration at not having him available longer!!!

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