Friday, February 8, 2008
Daddy Dominant
A Daddy Dominant And Lil Baby Girl Type Relationships Are A Erotic Sexual Roleplaying Of BDsM, In Which A sub Is Allowed To Express you "lil girl Or Child Like" Side. The "lil girl" Is submissive, Often With A Masochism Side And Belongs To you "Daddy", Just As In A BDsM Total Power Exchange Relationship. This Has Nothing To Do With Pedophilia or Incest, Nor Does It Imply Any "Secret Closet Desires To Have A Relationship With Your Father Or Any Family Member".

Heck No, My Daddy Dominant Is Not My "Real Father", And I Have No Desire For Him To Replace My Father. But When I Am In His Presence, He Does Have The Ability To Make Me Feel Like I Am a "lil girl", And It's A Feeling Of Safeness, Security And Love That I Need And Desire In A Relationship. He Makes Me Feel all Glowy...lolz....

He Is Called A "Daddy" Because Of His Ability In The Role Of The "Daddy Dominant", Becomming The Teacher, The Mentor, The Physician, The Protector And The Punisher. He Takes On The Role Of The Male Authority Figure In His submissive’s Life. Offering you A Deep Unconditional Love, Consistency And Stability, Preferring To Keep you Close To Him Making you Feel Like His Most Valuable Posession, Protecting you From "The Bad Things Of Life".

He Knows His "lil girl", Everything About you, she will Feel Safe Or May Feel At "Home" In His Arms, You Don't Feel Stupid To Ask Him Questions, Wanting Guidance, Or Feel Ashamed If Your Clumsy, You Can Be Honest Like A Child Often Is. Knowing His Love Is Unconditional And Stable. You Will Know When Your Obedient You Shall be Rewarded Especially By That Gleem In His Eye, But He Must Stand Firm, He Must Prove To You That He Means What He Says. Although He May Be Called "Daddy" To You, First And Foremost He Is A Dominant, He Uses His "Life Experiences" To Provide Sound And Appropriate Guidance And Will Carry Out Punishments When There Is A Need For it.

The "Daddy Dominant" Uses His Power To Fullfill And Enrich Your Life, Listening To All Your Hopes, Dreams, Your Fears, All Concerns In Your life, Allowing You To Open Up And Expose Your Thoughts, Your innermost Feelings. He Will Help You Plan And Achieve Realistic Goals For Your Future, Not Just In The lifestyle But In Real Life As Well, He Sees In You Someone Who Can Achieve Much In Life, He Will Make Help You Be The Best Person You Can Become, Although He Himself Shall Revel In The Pride Of His "lil girl", Tyoue Is Nothing More Satisfying To Him Than To Watch You Grow And Suceed, After All He Help To Mold And Create You. He Believes More In You Than You Ever Believed In Yourself.

It Take Great Strength To Be A "Daddy Dominant", He Must Have The Strength To Control You, Although "lil girls" Are Expressing The Childlike Side To Themself, They Also Take On The Personalities Of "Being Bratty" At Times By Being Disobedient By Having "Tantrums" Or Is Verbally Or Physical Resistant To Their Set Goals. He Must Find The Strength Of Do What Is Necessary When She Needs To Be Disciplined. If His submissive Can Manipulate Him To Not Punish you, She Will Begin To Loose you Respect Of Him, He Will Loose The Control In The Relationship. Making Discipline A Priority In Their Relationship.

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