Saturday, February 9, 2008
Humiliating my slave
I begin humiliating my slave with simply caling him "slave" or by his number I gave him myself.
One can also use for verbal abuse the words such "slut", "worthless", "ugly", "stupid", "whore", "bitch"...
One can force a slave to ask permission for such things as using the toilet, or eating. I also humiliate my slave by letting him spend a very limited amount of money while his actual income allows him not to think about money at all.
Specific rituals may also be humiliating for submissives, such as walking a pace behind the dominant female, asking for her permission to speak, to kneel while giving a drink to the Mistress or eating from the floor.
Restrictions on clothing, wearing a collar, sissification or use of a chastity belt to the male slave can also be very humiliating.

The sight of me excites you as I tower higher over you, my breasts are now larger than your own head, and I realize you'd make the perfect sex toy. I can use you as I wish; you can't resist. And still, you grow hotter, hornier, more excited, and you're SHRINKING. I lie down and command you to walk the length from my high heels to my panties. I reward you by slipping them to the side and slide you inside... I laugh, you groan, I moan, you quiver, I grow excited with my strength over you, and you shrink... until you hear nothing but the thunder of my own orgasm as you're swallowed deep inside me.
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